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We are the largest retailer of stoves in Cambridge, with dozens of displays in our comprehensive showroom and a number of popular models in stock.

Browse through our product range by clicking one of the categories below. You can refine your choice by using the filters on the right hand side.

  • Freestanding Stoves


    Our collection of freestanding wood burning and multi-fuel stoves includes dozens of classically styled models, along with the latest contemporary designs.

    These stoves can be set back into a fireplace recess, or installed freestanding in the room.

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  • Cassette Stoves


    Our efficient cassette stoves are self-contained appliances which are designed to be installed into an existing chimney breast, often without major building work.

    They can be fitted into a traditional stone fireplace setting, or as a trendy hole-in-the-wall fire.

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  • Inset Stoves


    A number of freestanding stove designs are also available in specially adapted inset versions.

    They are designed to slot into existing fireplace situations, but offer efficiencies vastly superior to a traditional open fire.

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  • Built-In Stoves


    Larger and more complex built-in wood burning stoves are aimed at those undertaking a new build or major renovation project.

    The stoves include features such as fan assisted convection and retractable doors.

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  • Wall-Mounted Stoves


    Some wood burning stoves can be fixed directly to a flat wall using a special mounting kit.

    Our Danish stove brands Hwam, Scan & Wiking offer wall-mounted models, for the ultimate in contemporary heating style.

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  • Inglenook Stoves


    For those with a larger inglenook-style fireplace, we have efficient stove solutions.

    A number of inglenook stoves are available with specially designed canopies and decorative plinths. Some can be run with the doors open, for added ambience.

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  • Double-Sided Stoves


    Where a central fireplace is able to heat two rooms, the solution is a double-sided stove.

    We offer a number of double-sided freestanding stoves, single or double depth, along with more contemporary built-in double-sided models.

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  • Boiler Stoves


    A number of models have been specifically designed to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements, or augment your existing heating system.

    Both freestanding and inset versions of boiler stoves are available.

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  • Open Convector Fires


    Those looking for a compromise between an efficient glass fronted stove and a traditional open fire should check out our range of Jetmaster open convector fires.

    We also sell open fire baskets, grates and solid fuel kits for traditional open fires.

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